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5 Easy Ways To Keep Your Car Safe From Thieves

By: Sukhdeep Singh Home | Finance | Insurance

Have you seen the movie â€Gone in 60 Secondsâ€? This movie is about a group of car thieves who manage to steal a number of cars in 60 seconds each. Alarmingly, this happens in real life. Imagine your car gone in under a minute? So as an average citizen, how can you prevent your car from getting stolen?

We’re all aware that safety devices installed in a car are not enough protection, since car thefts have a variety of devices which can open up any car in a moment. As the owner of a vehicle, however, you need to be vigilant enough to not put your car at risk. Car thieves can strike anywhere at any given time. So being prudent enough to make your car safe while on the house or in a public place is a good thing. Here are five easy ways to make your insurance providers happy, by keeping your car safe from thieves.

1.Install auto alarms.

Almost all cars of today have car alarm installations. This method is quite popular because of its effectiveness and ease of use. There are different kinds of car alarms in the market today. One kind of alarm that is quite popular is the alarm that gives out a warning sound when someone accesses it without deactivating the alarm. The sound will be heard by the owner or any person near the vehicle.

Another type of alarm is the one which is connected to the owner’s phone. If the alarm is activated and the owner is away when something suspicious is happening inside or outside the car, the alarm will inform the car owner. With this, the owner can check out his car to see if it’s still there, or if it’s being broken into.

2.Make sure to hide or carry your personal belongings when leaving your car.

Car thieves often target valuables inside the vehicle. They check the windows for laptops, iPods, car stereos, and other expensive items, and will barge in if the vehicle has confirmed valuables in it. So it is best to hide your things or carry it outside when you leave your car. Sometimes this small measure will discourage thieves from carrying out their purpose.

3.Always leave your car locked.

Sometimes our own negligence is the reason why we become victims of thievery. So in order to keep your car from getting stolen easily by a car thief, make sure to lock it before going to any destination -- even at your own house. Safety is the best policy.

4.Make certain that you don’t advertise your car alarm system.

Some individuals are fond of placing stickers about their alarm systems in the back or front windows of their vehicles. This will surely give thieves an idea on how to get around your safety features. Remember that most car thieves these days are also using technologically enhanced devices to steal cars.

5.Make your car visible to authorities or other people when parking it.

Don’t park your car in a hidden place. This will be an added attraction for thieves to target your car because of its invisibility. Park your car in front of a grocery store where guards can see it easily.

These are the only easy steps in making your car less visible to car thieves. Just be vigilant and do what you have to do in order to make your valuables, your car and your self safe at all times.

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