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A Guide To Buying A New Garage Door

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A Guide to buying a new garage door

There are a few things to thing about when purchasing a new garage door and having a little more knowledge on the types of door available may help you make a more informed choice.

The types

Up and over doors.

This is a one-piece door that opens with counter balance springs. They are available steel, GRP (fibreglass) and timber. Various designs and colours are available. Because these garage doors are one piece and swing out, they can be affected by the wind (not ideal for exposed locations). They also take up a lot of room as they open meaning you loose space inside and outside of the garage. Manual and electric options. Standard sizes mainly with the option of bespoke sizes at extra cost where needed.

Roller Doors.

Available in single skin or double skinned insulated options. These are vertically tracked garage doors and offer great space saving attributes unlike the up and over doors. Roller doors are available in a choice of colours with manual and electric options. Vertically tracked doors do not suffer in windy conditions and also help people with short drives because they can park right up next to the door. Roller doors are only available in the Horizontal rib effect. A better alternative to the conventional up and over door, excellent prices!

Sectional doors.

These are a cross between up and over and roller doors. They are vertically tracked like a roller door but they are made in four horizontal panels allowing then to hinge back inside the garage. There are several different styles available in a range of standard and bespoke colours. The material choice is Steel, GRP and timber, the most popular being steel. Again with manual and electric options plus a large range of standard sizes with bespoke options. In our opinion this is the best type of door available, good design choice, smooth operation with excellent insulation and draught proofing make this a winner!

Sliding Doors.

This a horizontal sliding door that can accommodate virtually any width, bi-parting or in one piece. Available in aluminium or a range of timbers, manual or automated. These can also be made curved or S shaped in line with modern architecture.

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