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Affiliate Marketing Cpc Network

By: harlan cromer Home | Internet-and-Business

Affiliate Marketing CPC network

The program for publishers is good for anyone from webmasters managing networks of sites all the way down to single owner and operator blogs. It is free to join and will pay for all clicks and impressions on all of the sites that are subscribed. is a contextual advertising network based on content targeting ads. It’s high quality, modern and easy to use. It’s very lucrative for Publishers and Advertisers alike. Both have simple systems to get customers started quickly and some of the most cost effective rates in the industry.

Publishers set up free accounts that are simple and fast to start and pays out at 80%. They are guaranteed ads from the highest bidders and payments are made once a month. The program for publishers is extremely easy to use and publishers of all sizes will make money with the system regardless of their website size.

Publishers simply cut and paste one (or more) HTML code onto their site or sites and the contextually appropriate ads will appear. They can use the same code for all of their sites or different codes for different sites.

Advertisers bid on keywords and are placed on publishers’ sites based on who bids the highest for the keyword that fits the content. The ads that appear will be aimed toward the audience of the site and are guaranteed to make the most money possible for the publishers and generate the best traffic for the advertisers.

For advertisers, rates start as low as $0.001 and they have no restrictions on frequency of ad or restrictions on having to spend a certain amount. Starting deposits run from $10 to $3000 so it is meant to fit every kind of budget imaginable.’s advertisers program is completely easy to use as well. They have complete control over their daily, weekly and monthly budgets. They can sign up on the site and have ads up almost immediately, on publishers’ sites whose audiences already have a propensity for their products and/or services.

Advertisers just create their ads and submit them to with their Advertiser sign up form. They deposit whatever amount fits their planned budget and set the keywords they want to bid on. Then when ads come up that fit those keywords, they bid on the keywords that fit their needs, based on the minimum competitive bid given them by the system. is a great place for promotional and advertising needs and it has some the best rates around. Their state of the art security keeps everyone’s information safe and their customer service works 24/7 to answer any questions or issues.

Check out the site at and be sure to send and questions to their Contact Us page. Affiliate links to sites like ClickBank and Commission Junction, the largest affiliate network in North America, work well with the type of exposure can give links. works great for links to other affiliates too. Advertisers promoting affiliate links don’t even need to have their own site or blog

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Student at Al-Baroni in Zarqa city, blogger and writer.
Clickbank affilaite, advertiser and publisher at
the Google Adsense Alternative .


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