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Benefits Of Student Id Cards

By: Rick Dahne Home | Business

Student ID cards have been around for a long time, but now with the advent of modern technology, ID cards can be programmed to provide a wealth of benefits for students. When first enrolling at University, students are issued with an ID card which has a colour photo, signature and a bar code or magnetic strip. This bar code or magnetic strip is the most important factor as it contains data which is programmed for each individual student. This identifies a student as being part of the recognised student body and makes available the benefits offered by that particular University.

One key aspect which student ID cards can be used for is access. By installing card readers at the entrance of University buildings, the University can allow or deny access to individual students. For example, a student with an ID card can enter a University learning resource centre at any time just by swiping their card at the entrance. On top of that, they can also take out any educational material needed by using the same ID card. It is also possible for a student to use their ID card to buy a meal at the University cafeteria. They simply swipe their ID card at the register and the fee can be taken from the balance of a preset account. Some Universities are now placing card readers at the entrance to lecture theatres as it gives them an opportunity to monitor students’ attendance. As the student enters the lecture theatre, they swipe their card and are recorded as present. When they leave their lecture, they swipe their ID card to prove that they attended. This also enables the University to monitor the location of their students, which can prove to be very helpful when dealing with emergencies such as fire evacuations.

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