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Challenges Experienced With Basement Flooring

By: Vikram Kumar Home | Home-and-Family | Home-Improvement

You will have the choice of installing any type of flooring that you prefer for your house basement. Cork flooring is one such option and there are many challenges faced regardless of what you have settled for. Never take anything for granted but handle the basement flooring exercise with seriousness it deserves. A few and minor things that you will overlook might turn up to be the biggest blunder of your life to haunt you forever.

As any homeowner will tell you, there is no other challenging section of the house to install flooring than the basement. Many houses have used concrete for their basement floors because it is durable. Unfortunately, it is very porous thus allowing a lot of water and moisture to penetrate through. With time, this weakens the house foundation putting it under the risk of collapsing. That will be a very challenging aspect when choosing the right floor for your basement since most of the materials are porous but at different levels.

This will be even more frustrating when the rain season sets in and flooding occurs. It is then that you will realize the flooring you have is not the best choice you made. You are supposed to address this matter well on time especially if you have ever experienced the problem at one time or another. Yes it’s a challenge with basement flooring but you don’t have to sit down and watch without seeking a remedy. You can dig up a proper drainage system or grade the site such that rain water does not get to enter the basement.

The location of the house against the direction of flooding water will be vital to watch out for when building the house. It will help prevent a disaster from happening well on time. Flooding happens unexpectedly so you have to be well prepared for such eventualities well aware that disaster can strike any time. Another challenge that you might face with basement flooring is bumpy surface. The surface is supposed to be level but things will not be easy if it defies that principle. Take personal effort to flatten the surface using cement and never think of installing flooring when the surface is not level.

You will experience multiple problems most of which you will be unable to deal with yet it’s something you can handle effectively. Naturally, basements have truncated ceiling heights which will be complicated further after installing the flooring. This is inevitable but you need to observe the thickness of the flooring not to compromise on the height too much. There are height prescriptions given by construction codes which must be observed for the basement.

All in all, you will have to select a basement flooring option that meets your needs in the best way. Never take chances when you know that the flooring you choose will have huge implications on your future usage of the basement.

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Challenges associated with basement flooring - - are many that you cannot overlook any. You need to know the best way of addressing that whether it is Cork Flooring Installation or any other.

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