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Ciscoqsfp - Online Store Of Cisco Products

By: Grabow123 Home | Shopping-and-Products

Recently, a shopping mall named ciscoqsfp ( is gaining increasing market attentions for its Cisco compatible QSFP+ products.

This ciscoqsfp is mainly for the online sale of Cisco compatible Optical Module and Cables. All of its products are supplied by a Chinese manufacturer - 10Gtek Transceivers Co., Ltd, which is a global leading transceiver & DAC twinax cable maker.

The following is the product line of

QSFP+ Copper Cable, QSFP+ Transceiver, QSFP+ AOC.

SFP+ Direct Attach Cable, XFP Cable, Infiniband Cable, Minisas Cable, and various 155Mb/s, 1.25Gb/s, 10Gb/s Optical Transceivers. owned unique coding techniques, which enables its products pass Cisco systems' exclusive encryption. All of the products are tested on Cisco Switches to ensure 100% Compatible with Cisco systems.

ALAN Wang, the CEO of, says:

'We are offering Cisco compatible products, and have over 10 years experience in this compatibility field, we have a thorough understanding of the customer demands in the market: compatible, quick, competitive, etc'

'About compatibility, as a saying goes: actions speak louder than words. You must certify products' compatibility to customers. We have invested hugely to purchase a large number of Cisco's latest switches to prove our products' 100% compatibility with Cisco, so that the customer can believe our compatibility guarantee...'

'Apart from compatibility guarantee, We also need fast delivery. So we hold large stock valued US$0.5 million, 80% products can be delivered within 24H.'

'Last but not the least, is competitiveness. We are original manufacturer and could directly sell products with prices only10%-30% of market prices to our customers. This greatly reduce the networking construction cost on the basis of guaranteed quality.'

QSFP+ Copper cable adopts direct attach copper cables with 4 channel transmission, with each channel transmitting 10Gbase, to realize 1-10 meters long-distance transmission over 40GBase.


QSFP+ Transceiver connects by MPO Patch Cord can transmit maximum up to 100 Meter @ MMF OM3 Cable

The P/N of Cisco: QSFP-40G-SR4.

The cost of QSFP+ AOC is less than QSFP+ Transceiver. QSFP+ AOC is the main stream application standard at present and in future, it can also transmit 100 meters distance.

The P/N of Cisco is not available now. also provides various Cisco compatible transceiver products except QSFP+ series products.

The P/N of Cisco:




X2-10GB-LR, X2-10GB-SR, X2-10GB-ER, X2-10GB-ZR, X2-10GB-LRM

With its unique market CISCO QSFP positioning and accurate grasp of customer, is becoming the main SFP+ force of Cisco's 3rd-party supplier.

May have a even more brilliant future.

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10GTEK's QSFP+ modules offer customers a wide variety 40GBASE QSFP+ options for data center, high-performance computing networks.

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