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How To Care For Your Id Cards

By: Brooke Pens Home | Business

We at ID Management Systems give advice to companies that have taken the time to have a security system installed.

One suggestion as a way of protecting their business and the belongings of an employee is to ask their staff to take good care of ID cards. ID cards are similar to the bank plastic cards that you have for access to a current account or savings account. If a banking card is not looked after correctly then it is easily damaged. The same applies to ID cards, although they are plastic cards that are distributed to employees of a company for security.

Most plastic cards require no more than a quick wipe over the sleeve of a jacket or coat, and wiping it with a damp cloth is not ideal but can suffice. If you are in possession of an ID card that has a hologram or a magnetic strip on the back then more thought is required to keep it in good order. A damp cloth will not help and the use of washing up liquid or an aerosol such as furniture polish will do more harm than good. If you are working in an office that has a clear desk policy then placing your ID card in a drawer with other paper clips, pens and pencils can damage the magnetic strip, rendering it useless.

The best way to keep your ID cards in good working order is to keep them in a plastic wallet and check for tears and cracks. If you wear your ID card on the lapel of your jacket then examine the card on a regular basis to ensure the clips have not been loosened and the clips are gripping the material enough to keep your plastic card secure.

Most people are not aware that any credit cards with a magnetic strip can affect their health if they suffer from certain allergies.

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