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How To Make A Paper Boat That Really Floats

By: Victor Torrealba Home | Recreation-and-Sports

History tells us that the art of origami was derived to build concrete shapes such as cranes or boats. The origami boat is regarded as origami for pure enjoyment, otherwise known as play origami. This origami sailboat is an intermediate level project that only appears to be more advanced.

Yes, the boat will really float, but as the paper gets saturated with water, it will sink and be ruined. This can actually start a neat discussion about what made the boat float to begin with and then what made it sink.

To start with how to make a paper boat, first of all you will need to find a rectangular piece of paper and then follow the steps given below.

1) Keep the sheet of paper in the flat surface in front of you.
2) Hold the bottom right corner and fold it towards the top left corner, upwards.
3) Now remove the excess paper from this formation by tearing it to form a triangle when folded.
4) Once you unfold this triangle, you should get a perfect piece of square paper which you have to use to make the paper boat.
5) Next, you fold the bottom right corner of the paper, up to the top left end and make another triangle. Unfold this triangle to create N "X" shaped crease on the square sheet of paper.
6) Then fold each corner of the square to it's center and then fold each tip to it's baseline. 7) Repeat this with each corner tip and then tuck each corner under the four triangles.
8) Fold this paper in half and then each half back to it's top side. The paper now resembles a rectangle with two triangular flips at the top edges.
9) Now, fold each corner side down and then make three folds on both the sides. Take the paper in your hand and hold the two edges of the boat between the thumb and forefinger of both your hands.
10) Then pull the two sides of the paper apart and push the center through the opposite side. If you've followed all the instructions rightly, the boat will have two folded flaps which will look like the side sitting flaps for the boat.
11) Expand the boat's side covers to give it some volume and then float it in a water pond or even a bowl.

Those were some easy steps, to learn how to make a paper boat within no time. Wasn't that fun? It's not necessary to go buy origami paper and make those paper boats for your kids each time they want to play. You can make paper boats with old magazine papers, newspapers or even used rough papers and paint them to make them look good. Making paper boats can also be a great exercise for kids at school. If you're a teacher and want to teach your kids a new craft idea, give them a piece of old used newspaper and teach them how to make a paper boat. This way you can save on paper and also teach your kids some thing innovative. More on how to make paper boxes and things to make with paper.

You can have your kids make a number of these paper boats and float them in your nearby lake or even keep them at home. With these instructions for how to make a paper boat, I am sure you can easily teach your kids or learn it yourself. So, take that paper boat out by the lake and let it float away!

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Victor Torrealba is enthusiastic Paper folding creator and is the owner of the origami site Origami, See some of his latest creations at Bateau en Papier and Bootje Vouwen

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