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How To Secure Your Garage Door

By: Aaron Moore Home | Business | Advertising

Nothing is more important than safety so we have several ways for you to protect your residence, family and belongings. Garage door security is very important, especially if it is attached to your residence.
Besides being a place to keep your vehicle and other belongings, your garage can provide easy access to your home for a potential criminal.
The security of garage doors has been compromised in the last few years because technology has allowed criminals to obtain the codes they need to reprogram your garage door remote. This may not be a well known fact but your garage door remote can be copied or cloned very easily.
If another person has cloned your garage door remote and the door to your house is unlocked then there is nothing stopping them from entering your home.
Lock garage door access door
To help prevent a break-in through your garage, always be sure to lock the access door from your garage to your home. Your garage access door should be of a sturdy material, such as hardwood or metal, and should have a deadbolt lock.
Secure your vehicles
In addition to keeping your home secure, it is also important to keep your vehicle secure. In the event that someone has cloned your Garage door opener, they can enter your garage and steal your car. After exiting your vehicle make sure that the doors are locked.
Secure your garage door remote control
If your garage remote is in your car be sure to keep it where it can not be seen and lock your doors. You also want to make sure that you keep your garage door remote from being stolen out of your vehicle.
Another way to prevent break-ins is to reprogram the code of your garage door remote periodically. Changing the garage door remote code is simple and can provide additional security for you and your family.
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