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Planning To Import Your Car Directly Into Spain By Intel Legal

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The last step of the process for enrolling a Spanish car registration. The one-time registration tax must be paid as well as the highway tax in the subsequent years after enrollment. Once the car has been authorized, they even make your current Spanish plates, and the car import process is full.

If you are planning to be able to import your car directly into Spain, there are a number regarding steps to follow in order to make your car roadworthy. The law states that you must register your car in Spain together with Spanish license plates within 6 months of bringing it into the country.

Basic safety inspection
First things first, you will need to take your car to an authorized agency to get a vehicle inspection If your vehicle passes the test you'll receive a Technical Test Certificate Card that you simply will need to keep safe.

In order to car registration spain, you will need to locate your nearest provincial targeted traffic department and submit these documents:
A software form (available out of your local targeted traffic department)
ID credit card (i.e. passport or house card, together with additional photocopies)
Proof of address in Spain/home country
A receipt of your local car tax payment from the local town hall or targeted traffic department A receipt of registration tax payment
Enrollment document
Enrollment fee (dependant on municipality)
Completed Form 576 (instructions regarding electronic filing of web form here)
Technical Check Certificate Card obtainable from an ITV place (original and also photocopy).
Car purchase receipt (original and also photocopy)
Certificate regarding Conformity from the car manufacturer or a certified representative (original and also photocopy).

List of documentation is accurate at the time of analysis (2017). All up-to-date information on registering your car in Spain can be found around the Direccin General hun Trfico site.

You will need to pay out both local car tax and an enrollment tax payment. The percentage of tax an individual pay probably will differ depending on in which you are living in the world.

Once your vehicle has been deemed roadworthy, you will also need to pay road tax in the town hall just where your residency is authorized (the fee varies according to the municipality).

Car insurance It is illegal to drive an automobile in Spain with no valid car insurance and also proof of this insurance must be carried constantly in case there is a car accident.

EUROPEAN regulations state that third party insurance must be purchased in the nation of enrollment. So, in case you have successfully authorized your vehicle with all the Spanish government bodies, you must sign up for car insurance using a Spanish business. Spanish car insurance operates a no-claims bonus, meaning that drivers who may not have made a claim on their car insurance can enjoy reducing premiums.

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