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Pre Move Survey Before Shifting Or Relocation

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When we shift or relocate to some other city or to some other place most of us take the help of Packing and Moving Companies. When we hire these companies the first task which is performed by them is a premove survey before moving your goods they perform a survey on your goods.

Before making any kind shift pre move survey is needed because this survey is helpful in knowing that how the company actually works, how much the company is experienced in this field etc.

After the premove survey you can easily get an idea of the estimated cost.

After this survey you can get some idea about the moving company that how it will going to perform further tasks so by this you can take a right decision that you have to go with this company or not.

Hire a company which is present within your city or location only so that it will be comfortable and convenient for you to get the best information about the company.

How Packers and Movers perform a pre move survey?

When you send an enquiry to these companies for making a shift then they first sent their field officers to your place or home from where you want to shift.

The first task which they do is that they confirm the address that it’s the same address which you have provided in your enquiry to get relocation services. Then the other thing which they know from their customer is that at what time at what place and on which day they have move from their old destination to the new destination.

After knowing all this the other thing which they confirm you is that you are having some other requirement with like vehicle moving, warehousing and storage service with the household goods relocation service or office goods relocation service whatever you are asking for.

They check all your goods which you have to move or shift then according to that they will provide you an estimated cost which will be included during the whole process.

What to ask those field officers while they are on the surveyâ€

The first thing to ask them is that what all services they will going to provide you they will going to handle each and every task starting from packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking till the rearrangement of goods or not.

The second thing to ask them is what quality packing material they are using to pack your goods or they are using the experienced workers or not for processing your shift.

The third thing which you should ask from them is that they will be providing you the best transportation vehicle facility or not.

The another and the most important thing which you must ask from those officers is that how much time they will going to pack and move your goods.

After knowing all such things if you think that they are the best or providing the best service as per your requirement then hire them and get ready to have a better move.

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