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Review Of

By: vinagulley Home | Computers-and-Technology

Review of

This is the review of a advertising and marketing network from a publisher’s perspective. is a new entry into the online advertising and marketing industry. It has burst onto the scene with a publisher’s program meant to be similar to Google AdSense.

It works with the pay-per-click programs the same way to provide exposure and revenue to both advertisers and publishers based on unique visitors and specialized traffic. After every thirty days of implementing on my website, in exactly the same way as AdSense I had some telling results.

I went from making $250 per month from Google's pay per click system to making $225 dollars per month with the system. For a first month, it was very close to what I had been making after a while with Google.

It was a huge relief to keep up my income even after changing providers and starting something totally new. Meant for publishers, the system is very easy to use and time-effective. First, publishers sign up for a free account, log into the account and then simply copy and paste JavaScript code from the SupportingAds system onto your website where you want a pay per click ad to appear.

Once the script is in place, the SupportingAds system will search its database of advertisers and deliver targeted ads. They search and match ad and publisher content for the most effective and lucrative placement. About 4 months ago one in every of my websites is refused service through AdSense.

I was ready for a similar service along with a comparable system and income. My AdSense locks were then yielding about $250 mobile agreement. When I identified SupportingAds, I had higher hopes and enrolled right away.

I put the particular code onto a good site and was approved about 12 a long time after creating any account. So, for those considering a switch or experiencing difficulity with Google AdSense, switching to SupportingAds is a really viable and profitable option.

It can be a wonderful way to make some money from the website or blog site. I highly recommend it as the complimentary or substitute way for you to raise income right from advertising. Their support system isn't really available through an authentic ticketing system and will depend on direct email, available using a link in the actual member area.

That i got a reply in 12 hrs or less, so I have been previously thoroughly satisfied considering the support services. Things more often than not are done many effectively via message. I can definitively and also safely say that your publisher program is profitable.

They match ad content with your site’s content with a system that also screens out offensive and adult material. It took until my third month to get payment through For case study, payment cannot be arrange to be organised, but can be arranged by using a emailed request.

And payment isn't really limited to Paypal, but may be possible through Moneybookers, Alertpay or wire transfer pc amount and home country within the publisher requesting the idea. Overall, with the appropriate amount of energy, is a great way to monetize a website, either in addition to or instead of Google’s services.

They are fast, effective and willing to work with publishers to create the ideal working relationship and success to all parties. Best Advertising Network

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Marketer , blogger writer, publisher and advertiser at supporting
ads the PPC Network
and the best advertising network of the year 2013. supportingads is also one of the best
advertising networks of 2012 & 2013 too.


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