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Review - One Of The Best Google Adsense Alternatives

By: vinagulley Home | Internet-and-Business

Review - One of the best Google AdSense Alternatives

You may be probably reading this article because Google includes suspended your AdSense balance or you are looking for better alternatives to profit online from your website? The big problem with Google AdSense is that they suspend accounts without providing any reason.

Then they just don't answer emails inquiring for such reasons or the right way to remedy them. They take what ever money made throughout the date of all the account suspension. We do not want our accounts to get suspended without notice or reason, or for someone else’s mischief. Because of their arbitrary suspensions, all publishers know that Google AdSense can never be a reliable source of income.

So everyone is looking for an alternative that is reliable, in their view counts and impressions as well as the percentage of share they give and satiability of the account. All the worst part is they will suspend accounts for reasons beyond a publisher’s control.

Great at the time you spent months & years developing your small business.. For example, if some other individual clicked on your ads repetitions, or a forex robot script or software loaded the page while using ads several moments, they will stick your account.

I have tried several advertising networks, over for several months, and each had some advantages and some disadvantages. The only network that had all the advantages any publisher is looking for was: Here are some of the features of’s advertising network:

1) provides up to 80% publishers profit, which is far more than Google pays.

2)With you do not need to create separate ads units for each domain you have. You can use the very same ads at any number of domains you own or even domains you do not own. This can be a huge task for many publishers, especially those who wish to duplicate on several websites.

Having SupportingAds, all clicks and views can be attributed for your requirements, as long because they are carrying most people publisher I. Debbie., regardless of that domain, website or webpage there're on. One feature I only found with the help of Google AdSense along with is that all other networks will require you to add each domain you want to display ads on and create a new ads unite for each domain and each page within that domain..

3)Publisher accounts get approved in 24 hours.

4)Now we reach a feature that may be even better as compared with Google AdSense, that is certainly fraud detection. has an in-house fraud detection system which automatically deducts any invalid clicks or views from your account.

So, you do not need to worry about your account getting suspended, even if you or someone else or a software/script kept viewing and clicking adverting. Your account will remain active and your earnings are for you..

5) They will approve accounts using blogs, free hosting and free domains aswell as huge warez/downloads traffic websites & portals.

6) They allow up to 3 ads per page.

7) You can use as an ideal alternative to Google AdSense. Their ads can also be used along with Google AdSense ads on the same website without affecting your Google AdSense account or your account.

8) They pay with Paypal and the minimum payment is only $10. The conclusion is that is the best Google AdSense alternative. I guarantee that you will not find a better alternative to Google AdSense than or advertising network to give you profits along with Google AdSense Alternatives.

I can tell you this based on my year of search and trials that SupportingAds is my winner & pay per click advertising beats even cost per action networks

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Marketer , blogger writer, publisher and advertiser at supporting
ads the PPC Network
and the best advertising network of the year 2013. supportingads is also one of the best
advertising networks of 2012 & 2013 too.


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