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Sell Home On Your Own And Save From Estate Agent Fees

By: jackstellon Home | Business | Sales

A lot of people nowadays sell home. However most of them are struggling. When some homeowners are looking for several methods to sell homes, others are busy looking for estate agents that can help them sell home.

Estate agents are good and some are really expert when it comes to finding the sure buyers of your home. However, some of these expert agents are really charging high. Most agents charge around 2 to 5 percent plus VAT. Some agents would even charge depending on the price of the house.

With these expensive charges, you would be ending up selling your home expensive. For this reason, you will actually lessen your success rate. sell home An expensive home can scare away potential buyers. If you really want to save money and most especially from these estate agents fees, sell home on your own. There are several ways to sell home with guaranteed results. Do not expect that with an agent, you can actually successfully sell your home. What do these agents really do?

Estate agents will come to your home, take a picture of your home, get a brief description, then what? Post all these information to their office or post to their websites. You are not guaranteed with the methods that they do. There is no assurance in their ways of selling your home successfully to sure buyers. Yes, they have contacts and they can call these people but it won't still be a hundred percent.

You can actually sell home using your own methods and can also use some of these estate agents ways. This doesn't mean because these agents have offices or websites, they are the only ones that have the ability to sell home.

There are free blogs over the Internet that you can use. These blogs can work like a mini net where you can advertise or market the home that you are selling. You can also sign up with social media sites, and then share it with your friends and other people. You may also post pictures of your home to photo galleries or photo sites just give it a description like "house for sale".

You may also ask the help of your friends and other family members to help you sell home. This way you will surely save a lot. You don't have any obligations to pay any fees or charges. The good thing too, you can give your home the correct value, it won't be very expensive to sell and receive only small amount of money because you have think of the agent's fee and commission.

Having said all these, you can actually sell home faster than getting or hiring an agent to do it for you. Save money, save time, no obligations and no fees to bother because you hired someone when you are actually capable of doing. Just as long as you have the right resources, contacts and tools to market your home, you can sell it and get sure buyers just in time.

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