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Stay Organized With A Garage Storage System

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One of the worst feelings is knowing you have a quart or two of oil somewhere in your garage and not being able to find them among the scattered tools laying around. Garage storage systems can help keep everything in view as well as keep you safe from possible injury.

Rakes, shovels and hoes you may use outside may be stacked in a corner, threatening to fall onto your car, onto you, at the slightest provocation. Using cheap plastic garage storage systems can keep them safely in place and allow you to get the one you want without having to move them all.

For those with a lot more stuff, a more elaborate garage storage system will be needed. Using used kitchen cabinets has proven to be a success in the garage. Cabinets can be mounted on the wall and countertops, with storage spaces underneath, gives more room for tools and supplies as well as a work surface in your garage. However, not every garage will allow for the installation of large cabinet units.

Since cabinets can be mounted on the wall, this type of garage storage system can be set high enough to be out of the way for easy vehicle access and yet be useful for keeping other items in their proper place.

Be Careful Of Potential Flooding

Whether you choose old cabinets, a pre-built garage storage system or a custom designed and built one, consider the flooding potential of your garage before installing it. If your garage is prone to attract water on the floor, your base cabinet should be raised higher than the worst flooding you can expect. Additionally, nothing that can be destroyed by water should be stored near the ground.

Planning to store food items in your garage storage system should also be carefully considered. No food should be stored less than six inches from the ground to protect it from possible damage as well as be an attraction for animals you may not plan to feed. It would be best only to store canned goods in any garage storage system, regardless of its quality.

Thin metal shelves that hang from the ceiling can also be used to create an extra garage storage system as they can be hung over the space normally occupied by your vehicle. Close attention should be paid to the weight limits for these shelves, however to prevent their buckling or breaking damaging what is stored on them or anything those items might fall onto.

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