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Stay Safe While Walking, Jogging, Running Against The Dogs In The Neighborhood

By: Donna Biasi Home | Health-and-Fitness

Stay Safe while Walking, Jogging, Running against the dogs in the neighborhood.
by Donna Biasi
Stay Safe  Avoid Beig Attacked by a Dog in the Neighborhood
It's time to get out and walk, run or jog, the weather is beautiful and you want to start a  probram today before you change your mind
You set up a time to start to make sure you stay with your new program. Make sure you have a list of things you need stay organized wil help you stay on track.
1. Your best music on your ipod
2. Good Walking shoes
3. Pedomer 
4. Mace Muzzle , Super Dog Chaser or both
5. Let someone know what route you are taking just in case.
It might  help if you ride around the neghiborhood before, so you know where the dog are before you get to them. Your all set to go at least a mile the first day, try for 10,000 steps or at least hope to. You feel great and you have only taken hundred steps so far, Music is playing and life is wonderful. Until a large dog comes running out of the neighbors yard and you did not even hear him, He is running towards you. While you rip the headphones out of your ear you not really sure what to, do I stop , run or scream and hope the owner of the dog is not on the phone,  But will she hear the dog barking.
This is what you would call having a bad day who knows if your program will make it until tomorrow.
Some people carry a walking stick not because it helps them walk but to protect them from a dog attacking them. Not a bad idea if you think you can fight a 300 pound Rutwilder or a Germen Shepard.
 Their are other items that will protect you from being attcked by a dog. The first item would be to invest in a EPA approved Mace Muzzle this is an effective and safe way to protect yourself and the dog from harm. Mace Muzzle has a flip top safety cap, the unit sprays up to 10 feet and contains 17 grams, it safely attaches to velcro like to attach to your bike with a velcro like strip or leave in your pocket so you are ready, you will get 10 one shot bursts, one for everyday the dog is out if you make it until tomorrow. Cost is around $14.95
The other option is to carry a Super Dogchaser this has a two way to repel a dog but not bringing them harm with a frequency sound of 20,000 HZ - 25,000Hz audible to dogs, but not humans. The second is a super bright led flashing strobe that temporarily blinds the dog as it is comming at you.This will stop the dog from comming at you up to 40 feet away. If this does not detour the dog RUN like hell and hope the owner comes out before its too late Cost is affordable about 19.00
Now it's time to start your walk.  
Make sure you can hear what is comming up behind you
Keep your music low
Walk with you head up
Keep your Dogchaser and Mace Muzzle in you pockets to grab at any time.                      
Here is to your second day of your new program. I Hope Good Luck


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About the Author: was designed by myself Donna Biasi who after 25 years and many stories of violent crimes. I wanted to Help Protect women so they don't become a victim. has products for the safety of you and your loved ones. Selling Personal alarms, hidden cameras, pepper spray Unique gifts to give to anyone who just wants extra protection. Affordable self defence products for the whole family. Personal Safety Protect Yourself NOW

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