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By: harlan cromer Home | Business | Small-Business For Affiliates Commission Junction And ClickBank. is a contextual advertising network based on content targeting ads. It’s state of the art and simple to use. They have lucrative Publishers and Advertisers systems for website. Their advertising program is unique as well.

They allow affiliate links to be promoted regardless of whether the promoter has their own site or not. Affiliate links to a site like Commission Junction can be very lucrative. Commission Junction (who is owned by giant ValueClick) is an advertising company based in the United States, headquartered in Santa Barbara, California.

They are one of the leaders in online advertising and specialize in affiliate marketing on a global stage with offices all over the U.S., U.K. and continental Europe. Commission Junction is currently dominating the affiliate marketing industry in the U.S. Linking to the largest affiliate networks in North America can yield some of the highest rates around and they are a perfect match for

They pay some of the highest rates for each unique visitor they receive as a result of the affiliate link and flat fees for anyone who signs up after using the affiliate link. Commission Junction allow their affiliate members to manage their own accounts or will manage them for the marketers for no extra charge.

They strive to provide excellent guidance and get the best results for all parties involved. Even better, Clickbank affiliate links also fit perfectly on Clickbank has hundreds of thousands of products to choose from and some of the most lucrative affiliate links available.

Their network is huge and there are links for every site imaginable. Their rates vary and at you can pay some of the lowest rates around and get the highest return. Clickbank hails itself as the largest retailer on the entire Internet of digital products.

They have a product that will suit every site and every affiliate and whole affiliate careers can be born and thrive with just Clickbank as their base resource. Their wide range of products and options in every department allow affiliates to specialize in an area or dabble in as many as they want.

Their service is totally supported too, and customer care will help affiliates pair with the best products for their goals and the highest returns. also uses their state of the art system to protect affiliate accounts.

They ensure all of the clicks are unique and real to prevent numbers from being inflated by artificially generated clicks. Their system is both highly developed and fully supported by human staffing for dual protection.

Any questions about security or the affiliate program can be directed to the staff by accessing their Contact Us page. In general, affiliate links promoted on have a great return and the site is so inexpensive and easy to use it’s a great choice for affiliate promoting.

It’s an especially attractive program because they do let the links be promoted without having to have your own site. It’s generally just a very up to the minute, progressive and cost effective site to do affiliate promoting of any kind

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