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The Best Flooring To Install In Your New Home If You Have Pets

By: Declan Ellis Home | Home-and-Family | Home-Improvement

Installing new engineered wood flooring requires a lot of thought regardless of where it needs placing. Whether you’re installing new flooring as part of a renovation or a new home especially if you have pets the decision on which kind of engineered oak flooring is perfect for your house is a crucial one. There are plenty of pros and cons to take into consideration; after all, pets can do a fair bit of damage to some kinds of Cambridge engineered flooring. Unbeknown to them, they cause scratches, leave stains and shed hairs, all of which could have an effect your home’s flooring. So which type of flooring should you go for? These points may help you decide
Will my pets really damage my flooring?
The amount of damage having pets will do to your engineered wood flooring is completely dependent on various factors. For example, if you have a dog or a new puppy, how heavy are they? How long are their nails? Is the floor easy to clean should they have an accident? Most kinds of wooden or laminate flooring will be durable enough for pets but it’s important to speak to a professional before installing some engineered oak flooring to ensure it will be suitable for your needs.
Which types of flooring are hard-wearing enough for pets?
One of the most popular flooring materials to suit people with pets dogs in particular is bamboo. It is naturally strong, allowing it to be more resistant to scratches and stains than many other hardwood flooring products. Wooden Cambridge engineered flooring in general tends to be a good option for those with pets, but choosing resistant wood materials like bamboo and cork is highly recommended.
Another option that is popular for people with pets is laminate flooring. The beauty of laminate is that it can have the look of engineered wood flooring without actually being wooden, and there’s no easier flooring material to clean. If your pet tends to make a mess fairly often, this one’s a great option for you. The only downside (for some) is that laminate flooring is incredibly smooth, meaning that some pets would find it slippery. Nevertheless, it is water-resistant and should be hard-wearing enough for most pets.
Is carpet generally a no-go if we have pets?
While carpeted floors are cosy and homely for both you and your furry friends it can be quite difficult to maintain in the most commonly-used areas of your house. If your dog or cat moults often or has a tendency to cause spillages, engineered oak flooring would be a better choice for you than carpets. However, in areas of the house where your pet spends less time, carpets would be fine to have. It’s just important to make sure you opt for carpet varieties that don’t have loops, as pets’ claws may get caught up in them.
If you don’t mind plenty of maintenance work and you’d really prefer a carpet to laminate or Cambridge engineered flooring, you’ll be able to manage with it. It’s just an easier and more advisable option to go for something more smooth and durable.

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