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The Cirrus Ii Review White Cloud Cigarette

By: Shaun Bradley Home | Health-and-Fitness | Quit-Smoking

After trying out a few different e-cigs and not being very impressed with most of them. I decided to try the White Cloud Cigarette. It is one of the more expensive e-cigs on the market but I have found it is also one of the most dependable, and reliable, and in my opinion the vapor it produces is more similar to smoking a traditional cigarette than any other brand I have tried.

The initial starter kit is a bit more than most other brands, but as is usually the case, you get what you pay for. A few main things separate White Cloud Cigarette from the rest: First of all, none of the other brands I tried produced vapor as thick and consistent as that of the White Cloud Cigarette. Secondly, it also seems to have the leading technology as far as batteries are concerned, boasting batteries that last longer and charge much faster than anything else on the market. Possibly most important of all, I have been trying to use e-cigs to quit smoking cigarettes and I found that nothing else comes closer to the real thing as the White Cloud Cigarette. There is something about the White Cloud Cigarette design that makes it taste, and "feel" like smoking a real cigarette.

Furthermore, the White Cloud Cigarette has a simple, easy to use, two piece design (atomizers are included in each disposable cartridge). It comes in a solid white color with white cartridges, or "filters" making it look like a normal cigarette and as far as I can tell, the whole design seems to be based around the idea of imitating a cigarette better than any of the cheaper brands of e-cigarettes. It is small, and lightweight, and puffs like it is already lit whenever you take a drag.

Finally, they offer a thirty day money back guarantee, and a longer warranty than any other brand. I have the feeling that this is because they put stock in the quality of the product they produce, and they don't expect to be having to replace any. The warranty also guarantees one free battery when it expires just in case.

If your trying to use e-cigs to quit smoking I would definitely suggest trying the White Cloud Cigarette before wasting money on anything else. It is the most quality product on the market, and although it is pricier than other e-cig brands it is still cheaper than cigarettes in the long run.

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These White Cloud Cigarettes are much more affordable than a normal pack you would get at the store or gas station. At the time of this writing, a pack of cigarettes can cost as much as $8 or $9 in some places!

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