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Where To Start When Considering Home Remodeling?

By: Brooke Hayles Home |

If you're a home owner, you're bound to try your hand at some sort of home remodeling job. Home remodeling does not necessarily mean installing new counter tops or putting in central air. It also applies to updating your decorating, such as a new coat of paint on the walls or a few new items of home decor. However, if a major project is in your immediate future take head of a few things before you begin.

First of all you will want to decide what sort of home remodeling job to take on. If your mother-in-law is going to move in, building an additional room or rooms makes sense. But if you're just itching to update your home and want to get remodeling, some changes are more worthwhile than others.

Still unsure of how you want to change your home? The following five popular home remodeling projects will stir your imagination and increase the value of you home.

Adding Central Air and Heat

One of today's big selling points for homes is the addition of central air and heat. Other air and heating options were widely used in the past, but if your home continues to operate on a swamp cooler, it's time to update. You will find that your electric bill will be lower too!

Kitchen Changes

If you're looking to update your home there is no better area to start than the kitchen. Update your appliances, replace the cabinets and add new counter tops and watch the value of your home skyrocket!

Insulation for Increased Energy Efficiency

When deciding on a home remodeling project adding insulation can be overlooked. But if you own an older home this is a must! Why let your hard earned dollars fly out the window because of poor insulation? It's an easy fix and your wallet will thank you.

The Addition

One of the most classic home renovation projects is adding on a room. Now, this job sounds a bit intimidating and for good reason. Not only does adding an addition or extension take a great deal of time, it requires a great deal of money. Take time making good plans and an addition or extension will dramatically increase your home's value.

Additions and Extensions

Adding another room or rooms to your home is one of the oldest forms of home remodeling. However, adding an extension can be costly as well as time consuming. Good planning and proper timing can make adding an extension to your home both practical and cost-effective.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is not only a quick way to add immediate beauty and interest, but simple and something most home owners can do on their own. Landscaping is a popular home renovation project because of its simplicity and immediate added home value.

Regardless of the remodeling project you decide upon, you need to first consider a few key questions that will determine if said project is a fit.

*How will this update increase the value of my home?
*Are these changes going attract or deter potential home buyers?
*Is the time and cost really worth the final outcome?

One of the biggest possible in the realm of home remodeling are mistakes. When beginning to remodel your home it's tempting to bite off more than you can chew. Understand all details of your project before signing on. When in doubt, hire it out. The following projects may require a professional:

*Electrical work
*Roofing or Chimney work

Did you know that proper timing of specific projects make an enormous difference? Timing is actually one of the most important factors when starting a home remodeling project. A few of the following tips can truly make or break your remodeling plans:

Do you want your kitchen torn up during Thanksgiving or Christmas? Keep holidays and any other important event in mind before beginning a project.

A more obvious issue is that of the weather. Even if your home remodeling job is indoors, the weather can still significantly affect it.

Are you financially prepared to commit to remodeling project? Much unnecessary anxiety and conflict could be avoided if a home remodeling project was just postponed. Your home is not going anywhere and the needed updating will still be there when you are ready financially.

Last, but not least is committing to a time line. If you are doing the work yourself it's easy to get consumed by other life events and let your home remodeling sit. Not only does this make for a constant mess, but your chances of staying within budget decrease dramatically.


If you're a homeowner, you will most likely participate in some sort of home remodeling project. Home remodeling includes updating kitchen appliances, installing central air and heat or painting your dinning room a fresh color. Regardless of project taken on, keeping in mind your time line and budget will help you achieve your goal with the least amount of problems possible.

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