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Why Breezeads Is Better Than Google Adsense?

By: vinagulley Home | Business

Why BreezeAds is better than Google Adsense?

Today’s web publishers serve as the building blocks of world wide web (www). They create information rich content that provides information to users, exposure to big brands and a living to themselves. Yup, for their survival they place advertisements on their webpages and when visitors click on those advertisements, they earn money.

These advertisements are often related to the content of webpage or website and that’s why they attract clicks. Do you know from where do these advertisements come? They come from PPC Ad Networks. Such ad networks display the advertisement of a business or company on the webpages of a publisher (where publisher places the HTML code of advertisement).

When visitors arrive on publisher’s website(s), some of them also move to the website of advertised company. In return of this advertisement, PPC Ad Networks charge some fees to the companies on a pay per click (PPC) basis and that’s why they are said PPC Ad Networks.

These PPC Ad Networks also pay some commission to those web publishers from the money they receive from those companies in return of advertisement. This is how this PPC Industry works and it has become a steady and strong source of income for many web publishers.

Now if you ask for a big name in PPC Industry from publishers, then they will say Google Adsense. Of course Google Adsense is the most popular PPC Ad Network among publishers because it pays higher revenue (known as cost per click or CPC) to publishers in return of their advertisements, but this does not mean that it is the only one PPC Ad Network in the industry and does not has any drawbacks.

Of course, it has drawbacks and it’s drawbacks encourage publishers to signup for other PPC Ad Networks too. One such alternative to Google Adsense is BreezeAds. BreezeAds is another PPC Ad Network like Adsense, but it has a solution for all the drawbacks of Adsense.

The first drawback of Adsense is this that they don’t accept smaller websites and their rules are very strict in this matter. While on the other hand, BreezeAds accepts even smaller websites too and provides them a steady earning source for the traffic their website is getting.

Second major drawback of Adsense is this that they don’t payout the money until it has reached a fixed mark of $100. This is a killer for smaller publishers because if they are not getting enough traffic then it may take several months to reach $100.

BreezeAds serves as a lifesaver for such situation because it has a very smaller minimum payout limit of $10 on a NET30 basis. As a result, smaller publishers may get their money out even if they have not earned much. The account approval system of Google Adsense is also painful and takes several weeks and even years in some worst scenarios.

But BreezeAds approves accounts within 24 hours of submitting the application. Means you do not need to wait for several days if you want to start earning. Last, but not least; BreezeAds also pays a great CPC to it’s publishers. All the above mentioned facts make BreezeAds a smart choice for publishers. You should give it a try!

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