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5 Advantages Of Using A Home Loan Emi Calculator

By: Mozam Khan Home | Finance | Loans

So, before you go out there and apply for a home loan, you need to do all you can to ensure you are ready for the challenge ahead. This could mean working on your credit score, saving for a better down payment & doing loads of research.

Another way to prepare is to use an EMI calculator. When you use this tool, you get some future insight into the financial requirements of your home loan. The numbers provided by the tool will also help you streamline your repayment process & ensure it’s a smooth journey without any bumps or hiccups. This article will discuss what an EMI calculator is and the benefits of using such an instrument before applying for a home loan.

So What Is A Home Loan EMI Calculator?

It’s a tool that helps you prepare for your home loan repayment process. All you have to do is key-in the loan amount, tenure & interest rate of your ideal home loan and hit enter. Within moments this instrument will provide you with a detailed break-up of your entire repayment. You get a complete amortization table containing all your EMIs for the home loan. So what are the benefits of using such an instrument? Let’s find out!

Home Loan EMI Calculator Saves Time & Energy

Beforehand calculations are must for a smooth repayment process. Calculating the interest amount on the principal amount and recalculating the same after EMI payment, just the sound of it is confusing. Earlier, these calculations would mean complex formulas, pages of scribbling and loads of recalculations. Or it could also mean tedious excel workings. However, nowadays you can get answers in mere seconds making calculation a breeze!

It’s Free & Easily Available

Another advantage of a home loan EMI calculator is that it is free and easily available! You can visit the lender’s website or any home loan aggregator site and avail the services of an EMI calculator without paying even a single rupee.

It Helps You Prepare For Your Loan

Since the answers provided by the calculator are near accurate, it can help you prepare for a home loan well in advance. You can create a budget of your monthly income so as to fit the EMI comfortably without straining or hampering any other expenses you might have. Good budgeting is the base of any financial undertaking and EMI calculator provide you the right foundation for a strong repayment structure.

Gives You Faster Approvals

Earlier people sometimes fell prey to borrowing above their means. But with an EMI calculator, you can borrow efficiently. You know what EMI your monthly income can handle. If you were thinking of certain amount but after using the EMI calculator, you find the EMIs are too large to handle and you might try saving more down payment before applying. Seeing that you are borrowing within your means, a lender will be more comfortable to approve your loan. Thus using an EMI calculator will help you get faster approvals.

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These were 4 major advantages of a home loan EMI calculator. If you are thinking of applying for a home loan, be sure to make use of this smart instrument, it will save you time & energy and aid in a smooth, tension-free repayment process.

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