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Advantages Of Garage Door Openers

By: Amanda Bailey Home | Home-and-Family | Home-Improvement

The garage door opener only controls how far the door opens and closes, as well as the force the garage door exerts. In most cases, the garage door opener also acts as a lock. Garage door openers make the life of most people more comfortable. It has become an indispensable part of our daily lives for those days when you got home after a tiring and you don’t have to get out of your car to open the garage door. You may feel any hard from your back when opening garage door. Plus, jumping in and out of your car in bad weather isn't any fun. That's why many people buy a garage door opener.

Over the years, the garage door opener continuously improved to feature automatic courtesy lights that turn on when the door opens (or via motion sensors) and automatically turn off after a preset time delay. Others also come with a remote lockout feature, which turns off the radio receiver while one is on vacation or away for an extended time. There are already made available accessories such as wireless keypads and key chain remotes. Different mechanical drives have also been developed for garage door openers. Newer systems allow for the door to be moved with very little force and the door can also be stopped in partially open positions.

Some garage door openers already come with a fingerprint-based wireless keypad. This unit attaches to the outside of the garage door on the jamb and allows users to open and close their doors with the press of a finger, rather than creating a personal identification number (PIN). This is especially helpful for families and individuals who have a hard time remembering so many passwords or codes. More sophisticated garage door openers come with integrated carbon monoxide sensor to open the door in case of the garage being flooded with exhaust fumes. Other systems allow door activation over the Internet to allow home owners to open their garage door from their office for deliveries. The door must be in the line-of-sight of the person operating the door for safety reasons, and this feature violates Underwriters Laboratories (or UL) safety codes.

Apart from convenience, garage door openers also offer a certain amount of security and safety because they keep your garage door shut unless opened by the garage door remote or by punching in your code on the keypad. This assures that all the stuff you have kept in the garage remains safe from intruders and thieves. Genie garage door openers are America’s number one garage doors opener brand. Every Genie garage door opener is designed for strength, security and longevity. Our goal is making access easier to ensure the finest quality garage door opener ever made. Garage doors shouldn't be an afterthought on your home; rather, they should be viewed as an extension of it. Not only does it increase curb appeal, it improves security and adds value to your home.

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