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An Overview On Ios 11 By Top Iphone App Development Companies In India

By: Nirav Patel Home | Computers-and-Technology

The finished version of the highly anticipated software iOS 11 is out now. Top-notch iPhone app development companies have already geared themselves with all the resources required to build an app in the latest iOS 11. We bring to you, an overview of the newest functions in the upgraded version of iOS 11.

Take a look at the exciting features of the latest software update in iOS.

Drag and drop
Apple is revolutionizing the way iPad functions. With the new version of iOS, you can easily drag particular items-text, photos and transport them across the home screen just like a touchscreen computer. Now the user no longer has to go through the hassle of copy and paste texts, notes and photos here and there.

The drag and drop feature available for iPad is something that no Android tablet, not even the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab offers.

Make way for a smarter Siri.
Make friends with Siri as it has got a more natural sounding voice. The most popular intelligence assistance is even more helpful now. Ask Siri how to say something in French, Italian, German, Chinese or Spanish and Siri will translate it for you.
Like your meal in France?
Tell the owner, J'ai ador le repas

Apart from this, Apple is your personal DJ. Siri knows your taste. When you ask Siri to play a song, it will play a song you love or music you will love. Siri can also answer questions like â€who’s the lead composer of this piece of songâ€.

Siri anticipates what you are about to type and suggests names of movies, things, places accordingly. If you are asking your friend about a particular direction to a certain place, it also shows you the estimated time of arrival.

Stay focused
While driving, keep your entire focus on driving and let your notifications, calls and text messages be handled by iPhone. It automatically senses that you are driving and sends notifications to people trying to reach you. It also works when you are swimming. Just joking!!

Make your own control center
Customize your settings to give priority to things you do the most. Want to check your mails on the go? Add your mail on the settings bar. Need maps every time you travel? Add maps.
The control center is redesigned to give users the power to customize their settings page.

AirPlay 2
Sync your home speakers with that of your phone. Play music in your home audio and all the speakers from your home. Enjoy music while cooking in your kitchen or while working from your study room. Adjust the volume of your home audio system from your iPhone itself and simultaneously play music in speakers installed in two or more rooms.

Well get music played in your entire home, air may be, against the gravity? That’s Airplay 2 for you.

iPhone app development company like Inheritx stays updated with the latest trends. Want to get an app compatible with the latest iOS 11 software? Then contact us.

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