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Get A Flat Rate Mls Listing With Real Estate America

By: Toan Dinh. Home | Finance | Real Estate

A flat rate MLS listing can be a great alternative to a traditional full-service real estate brokerage. Real Estate America has the experience and infrastructure necessary to help you reap the benefits of this affordable and effective method of listing and selling a property.

How does a flat rate MLS listing work? Simple.

Under ordinary circumstances, the services of a real estate agent come in a giant, unwieldy bundle. This bundle contains all the services we normally associate with real estate agents. These include showing the property, communicating with potential buyers, and handling contracts and escrow once a buyer has been found.

To avoid paying for all these services, some people opt to sell their homes or properties themselves, meaning they are obligated to take on not only all of the above-listed duties, but also the enormous task of listing and advertising the property.

A flat rate MLS listing is different than a conventional listing in that it takes care of the listing and advertising parts of the selling process, while leaving all the other parts of the process [the showing, the communication, the contracts, etc.] to the seller.

When you buy a flat rate MLS listing for your home or property, you pay a flat rate to a brokerage, who then list your property in an MLS [which stands for â€multiple listing serviceâ€]. An MLS is a database of real estate listing information, shared among real estate brokers and buyers.

Because a flat rate MLS listing requires less work on the part of the real estate agent, it is considerably more inexpensive than a traditional real estate listing. The fee for a flat rate MLS listing is typically somewhere between $200 and $800, with a 2.5 to 3 percent commission paid to a cooperating broker who finds a buyer for the seller’s property.

The advantage to using a flat rate MLS listing to handle the advertising aspects of selling a home or property, as opposed to simply selling on one’s own, is that the flat rate MLS listing removes one of the most arduous responsibilities of a real estate seller from your shoulders and allows you to concentrate on the other [also extremely time-consuming] aspects of making a sale. For a relatively small price, a flat rate MLS listing from a brokerage like Real Estate America can save you time, even as it saves you money.

A flat fee MLS listing is an inexpensive way to avoid the hassle of listing a home or property without help. Selling real estate can be stressful, and property owners who choose to bear the brunt of the responsibility for their sale need all the help they can get. Let Real Estate America make your sale easier, with a flat fee MLS listing.

Real Estate America is a provider of flat fee MLS listings. For more information, visit

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Real Estate America is a group of listing realtors in Maryland, Virginia & Washington DC, that offers lower selling fees, buyer rewards, and gift cards through our referral with our Referral Program. For more information, visit

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