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How And How Much To Tip Your Taxi Driver

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A common question asked of people with experience with a taxi service is how is the best way to tip a cab driver? For some people, the thought of having to calculate a quick tip on the spot is uncomfortable. They might be uncomfortable with the math or, often times, are just afraid of appearing too cheap by seeming to put too much thought into deciding how much to tip the cab driver. The first suggestion that an experienced rider of a taxi service will give you is that tips are expected. The fact is that tips are a large portion of how a cab driver earns his income so, whenever you hail a taxi, you should expect to leave a tip for your driver. However, there are a couple of different ways that you can determine how much you should tip and how to be fair.

First off, if you decide to ride in a cab, you should always estimate your fair and ensure that you have at least ten percent more than what you are guessing it to be for a tip. Around fifteen percent of your fare is the normal rate, but ten percent should be considered a courteous minimum for a tip to be offered. For easy figuring, the route that most people take when tipping a taxi driver is to simply tell them to keep the change. For example, if your cab fare comes to a total of $17.50, simply tell the driver to keep the change from a twenty, and you can be confident that you left a fair tip for your taxi driver. On the other hand, if you happen to have a very short ride, or if the total gets too close to an even bill, you don't want to tip your cab driver less than a dollar either. The taxi drivers do work hard and deserve to be compensated for their effort.

Another method of deciding how much to tip your taxi cab driver is to simply do the math the way you would as if tipping in a restaurant. In this case, don't be afraid to ask for your change back from the taxi driver and to tip out of that change back to them. A fifteen percent tip is what would be normal for an average cab ride with no bad or exceptionally good service. If your trip with a taxi service results in some kind of exceptional service from your cab driver, tack on a few extra dollars to the tip to show your appreciation.

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Scott Gallagher is an International Consultant for Chicago taxi service companies. With exceptional knowledge of the Addison taxi serviceindustry, Scott is also becoming an expert with Local Internet Marketing.

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