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How To Choose And Install A Replacement Garage Door

By: Stephen Dolan Home |

The most familiar types of garage doors frequently used in residential garages are retractable, canopy, side hinged, and sectional retractable doors. As compared to old garage doors, new garage doors are much more intelligent, long-lasting, useable and safe.

Residential garage doors are designed to look beautiful and offer new features like automatic door openers and more. Canopy garage doors, which roll up manually, are great alternatives to automatic doors.

If driveway space is a problem in your home, then sectional garage doors are the way to go. Also called up and over doors, they open and close vertically and store along the ceiling. This allows cars to park within inches of the door without diminishing functionality.

Custom made garage doors can be created based on your specifications.

Planning is the First Step

Take advantage of free garage door plans are available online from Stanley, Sears, Wayne Dalton, and more. Create a garage plan that encompasses everything you want in your garage from a heated garage to unique window choices.

The best part about planning your own garage door system is the choice of installing it yourself. However, in the planning stage, we recommend designing the opening and door size to a standard size, which will result in a door that is more economical and easier to install.

Also, free garage plans are an easy way to troubleshoot for problems before they appear. When designing a garage plan, you must choose what your family needs. When built according to garage building plans, a steel garage can cost you up to 40% less than conventional garages.

Install It Yourself

The installation of an original garage door, whether as a replacement for an existing door or as a renovation, is straightforward. Doors come on a factory fitted steel frame ready for quick and convenient on-site installation. All adjustable fixings are provided. Read through the installation instructions for carefully.

Take into consideration that garage doors are large and bulky, and are therefore handled surest by two people. This makes positioning and fixing much easier and safer. However, the installation of a residential garage door can be technical, and possibly it is not appropriate as a do-it-yourself project for less experienced people.

Proper Maintenance

The leading causes of garage door breakdown and replacements include being hit by vehicles and a lack of maintenance.

The ideal maintenance schedule for a garage door includes washing painted steel surfaces several times a year; painting or refinishing wood surfaces as necessary, lubrication of the rollers, bearings, pulleys, and springs once a year, and making correct adjustments to the counter balance system.

Each of the three standard garage door materials has its own benefits. Wood doors are very insulated and they have an appealing look; however, wood expands and contracts and can warp or crack as it weathers. It will need re-painting or refinishing every couple of years.

Steel doors are vigorous and give great value for your money. Today's steel doors have the look of wood without the headaches of the maintenance.

Fiberglass garage doors are also extremely low maintenance, offering a timber effect without the maintenance of real wood. Use a half cup of mild laundry detergent mixed with water to wash both the exterior and interior of your steel or fiberglass door twice a year.

Garage doors are a simple and low-cost technique to extend your home's curb appeal and set it apart from the rest. Garage doors are typically the largest visible building component other than the siding on your house.

Garage doors are now offered by manufacturers in a variety of styles that go far beyond the classical paneled look. Even though there are any amount of designs, most garage doors open upward, and are self storing.

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