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By submitting an article to the site, you agree to the following guidelines

  1. 1. You are the 100% owner of the copyrights to the article. This means you thought it all up by yourself and wrote it yourself.
  2. 2. You give us permission to publish the article on the website, RSS feeds, email alerts, ezines, and newsletters.
  3. 3. You give permission for full reprint rights for other websites, ezines, and news letters. We have set guidelines for publishers but we can not enforce these ourselves as we are not the copyright holders.
  4. 4. We have the right to accept or refuse articles, and also as to which category they get placed in if needed.
  5. 5. The article can not contain direct links to affiliates. Instead, it is recommended you put a link to an affiliate page on your website and link to the affiliate from there.
  6. 6. eArticlesOnline.com is ad-supported and we reserve the right to place ads on your article page.
  7. 7. Articles should be just that, articles. It should have good free information for the reader, content a webmaster would want to put on their website. It MUST NOT be a press release, sales letter, sales copy, advertisement, or blatant self-promotion. Keep the reader in mind and you'll usually work out well.
  8. 8. Self-serving links MUST BE in the resource box, and limited to 3. Self-serving links are defined as links to sites you have an interest in. Keep in mind it is an article, not an ad or sales copy.


  1. 1. Titles will not be in all CAPS, but in both upper and lower case. We will change titles to the proper format if not so.
  2. 2. Most HTML tags are allowed, including tags for linking to your website, as well as relevant websites in the article body.
  3. 3. HTML tags are not allowed in the title.
  4. 4. Quotes are not allowed around the entire title. The quotes will be removed if this is done.
  5. 5. NO HTML or website names are allowed in the article summary or title.
  6. 6. Please CHECK ARTICLE LINKS to be sure they work.


  1. 1. Articles must be in English.
  2. 2. Article must be original, not another article with just a few words changed.
  3. 3. Article MUST NOT contain information that is against the law.
  4. 4. Article MUST NOT contain information on hacking, support for religious/terroristic fanaticism, or illicit drugs.
  5. 5. Article MUST NOT link to inappropriate sites. Linking to sites such as adult-ony sites is not allowed.

Please note that the system does not auto-email you when you submission is accepted, only if it was declined for some reason.

Submissions are usually accepted within 48 hours(many times within a few hours).

We reserve the right to refuse an article on any basis.

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